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Reimagining How They Become Ready

At St. Stephen's and St. Agnes School, we encourage our students to dream big, step outside of their comfort zone, and imagine the possibilities of things previously unconsidered. We want our students to stretch, to flex, to find their passions, and to engage with their teachers and one another intellectually and creatively. We help them to recognize the goodness in themselves and in others, and we support them as they realize the power of that goodness and what it can mean to others in the world.

And at the same time, we want them to excel academically, think deeply, wrestle with complex topics, innovate, and play. Sometimes it feels there are not enough minutes in the day, sometimes the pace feels frantic, the backpacks heavy with homework. How can we be the school we are meant to be—a place of academic excellence, innovation, inclusivity, goodness, and creativity—while using a schedule that was developed decades ago during a time when the purpose of school and the intent of a schedule was solely to maximize the transfer of content and knowledge from the teacher to the students each day?

Goal One of the Strategic Plan

During the development of the 2016 Strategic Plan, it was clear that one of the community's top priorities was to examine the school's daily and annual schedule. How did our schedule align with our mission and our values? Was our schedule designed in the best possible way to support our students? Goal One of the Strategic Plan focuses on our academic and campus program and states that we are to "clarify, strengthen, and refresh our rigorous and cohesive JK-12 educational program with a particular focus on innovation, entrepreneurship, service, and wellness." One way in which we are called to do that is to "explore in all three divisions and school-wide how we allocate time on a daily and annual basis to ensure that the schedule aligns with our mission and priorities."

The Guiding Principles

Since the inception of the Strategic Plan, faculty and administrators have worked diligently to research best practices in scheduling, ultimately designing new schedules for each division that support our school's mission to pursue goodness as well as knowledge, while also providing more time for learning and collaboration inside and outside of the classroom. The five guiding principles that drove this student-centered process were: quality learning time, healthy pace for our students, collaboration time, community time, and access to program. At each division the new schedules differ to best support the needs of the students on those campuses, yet there are significant commonalities among the schedules, demonstrating the importance of the cross-divisional and curricular work that is central to our identity as a JK-12 community.

Learn More About Our New Schedules

These new schedules will go into effect for the 2019-2020 school year.
We are excited for the possibilities and opportunities of these new schedules—those we have already identified and those we have yet to discover!
Age 3-Grade 12 coed Episcopal day school in Alexandria, Virginia


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  • Lower School

    Age 3-Grade 5
    400 Fontaine Street
    Alexandria, Virginia 22302
  • Middle School

    Grades: 6-8
    4401 West Braddock Road
    Alexandria, Virginia 22304
  • Upper School

    Grades: 9-12
    1000 St. Stephen's Road
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