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Middle School Academic Departments

Health and Sexuality

The Health & Human Sexuality curriculum is designed to prepare students for the physical, emotional, and social changes surrounding puberty and adolescence. It is predicated on the belief that human sexuality education is both formal and informal and encompasses the knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, values, and behaviors of individuals about oneself and one's relationships. The teacher recognizes that parents are the primary and most important educators of their children with regard to issues of sexuality and human growth and development. The curriculum supports the mission of the school and the work of parents by providing students with structured opportunities to learn in the context of a values-centered curriculum. The courses are abstinence-based and therefore address sexual decision making within this framework, exploring peer pressure and stressing the value of postponing sexual intercourse.
  • Introduction to Health and Human Sexuality 8

    Grade 8
    This course supports the mission of the school and the work of parents by providing students with structured opportunities to learn about sexuality in the context of a values-centered curriculum. Taking into account students’ varied and developing maturity and self awareness, the course focuses on how pre-adolescents can meet their needs for intimacy and friendship in healthy, comfortable ways based on their values. Students learn age-appropriate information and strategies for confronting common pre-adolescent and adolescent issues. Students are continually challenged to examine course topics in terms of their impact on the four areas of personal health, also known as the health core: physical, emotional, spiritual, and social/relational. This approach provides students with the opportunity to consider the wide-ranging outcomes of potential decisions, not only on a personal level, but also on interpersonal and community levels. The course consists of eighteen coed classes and five single gender classes. In the coed classes, students learn age-appropriate information about character and values and the impact on decision-making, communication and conflict prevention/resolution skills, sexual identity (gender expression and sexual orientation), sexual harassment (sexual assault and rape), healthy dating relationships (including dating violence), dealing with peer pressure, substance abuse prevention, sexual decision making, and media awareness. Reproductive anatomy, conception, pregnancy, pregnancy and STI prevention, nutrition, body image, and hygiene and reproductive health are taught in single-gender classes.
  • Personal Health and Human Development 6

    Grade 6
    The Personal Health and Human Development consists of seven coed classes in December and nine single gender classes in February and March. In coed classes, students participate in age-appropriate lessons on values and character and the impact on decision-making, communication and problem solving, gender identity and sexual orientation, peer pressure, peer relations (friendship, family, attractions/crushes), and dealing with pressure to use drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and inhalants. Lessons on anatomy, puberty, reproduction, sexual decision making, hygiene, body image, and media awareness are provided in single-gender classes. All class activities and discussions encourage students to value themselves, respect each other, and act in accordance with their family and religious values.
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