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Upper School Academic Departments

Physical Education

Students must earn nine P.E. credits to fulfill graduation requirements. Students can receive P.E. credit for physical education by enrolling in P.E. classes, Sports Medicine, Anatomy in Clay, Yoga or the Breakfast Club, playing on an interscholastic team, being a student athletic trainer, managing a team, getting credit for an outside activity, or obtaining a performing arts waiver as described below. 

Performing Arts Waiver: Students may elect to waive one credit of P.E. for each major theater production in which they are involved. Students who are involved in the choral or instrumental program for two years have their P.E. requirement reduced to seven credits.
  • Outdoor Recreation

    Grades 9-12
    One Quarter
    1 P.E. credit
    This course covers a variety of outdoor activities that are seasonally appropriate. The course will explore the following outdoor sports: mountain biking, hiking, backpacking, kayaking, canoeing, frisbee golf, geocaching, indoor rock climbing, winter camping skills, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, and fishing. The students will learn the fundamentals of each sport, equipment needed, how to repair necessary equipment, environmental awareness, and “leave no trace” philosophy.
  • Healthy Living

    Grades 9-12
    One Semester
    2 P.E. credits
    This course emphasizes an understanding of today’s food and eating trends and gives students the capacity to intelligently evaluate all available sources of nutrition information and make informed decisions. The class will also explore various exercise modalities such as basic strength training and cardiovascular exercise. Understanding adaptations and changes in physiology will also be explored. In addition, there will be focused exercises on meditation to help with stress reduction.
  • Strength and Conditioning

    Grades 9-12
    One Quarter
    1 P.E. credit
    Specify which quarter(s) you want to take the course
    This course is the designed to teach the basics of proper strength and conditioning protocols. Students will be instructed on variations of Olympic weightlifting movements, fundamental strength training movements, speed and agility, and program design.
  • Functional Anatomy - Anatomy in Clay

    Grades 9-12
    One Semester
    2 P.E. credits
    Students undertake a detailed exploration of muscles, bones, and joints of the human body. Emphasis is placed on the relationships among muscle attachments, bony landmarks, and prominent joint structures. Students learn about human movement with relation to levers and their association to planes of movement. This course utilizes the anatomically accurate models of the Maniken® Professional system (Anatomy in Clay®) to build three-dimensional musculature out of clay. 
  • Sports Medicine

    Grades 9-12
    One Semester
    2 P.E. credits
    This course provides students interested in the broad field of medicine with a basic understanding of the allied health professions. It teaches students basic anatomy and pathology of injury, principles of conditioning and nutrition, and preventive taping and wrapping skills. Students will also receive certifications from the American Red Cross in first aid, CPR, and AED for adult, child, and infant.
  • Yoga

    Grades 9-12
    Season Course
    1 P.E. credit per season
    This course is based on the Hatha Yoga system, an integrated mind-body training method that combines deep stretching exercises and meditative breathing techniques. It is designed to provide students with the skills, knowledge, and motivation to be physically active and fit for life. The yoga class promotes, develops, and encourages lifelong fitness and educates students to become more self-aware of their body conditions and to embrace techniques to release physical stress.
  • Breakfast Club

    Grades 9-12
    Three Mornings a Week at 6:40 a.m.: Season Course
    1 P.E. credit per season
    The goal of this program is to provide students with an opportunity to increase their athletic ability and knowledge of human performance through an all-encompassing strength-training regimen. Students will gain basic knowledge of strength and conditioning principles including proper warm-up techniques, introduction to Olympic weightlifting movement variations, general strength training movements, plyometrics, form running, and athletic positions. Students are introduced to a competitive team-training environment where they learn to work together with teammates to enhance the training experience.
  • Outside Athletic Credit

    The school recognizes the commitment needed to excel in a sport or athletic endeavor, and gives credit in Physical Education to those students pursuing an outside sport not offered by the school. Students in grades 9-12 may apply for an outside credit in Physical Education if the outside sport meets the following criteria:
    • Sport must be instruction-based.
    • Sport must be at least an eight-hour-per week commitment, including practices and competitions.
    • Students must submit a proposal using a form obtained from the Athletic Office and due no later than one week into that sports season.
    • Sport should be one that we do not offer here at SSSAS. Few exceptions will be made.
    Students must participate in a P.E. class until given written notice that an exemption has been granted. The student-athlete is then responsible for keeping a complete record of the outside activity. A time sheet can be picked up in the Athletic Office. It must be signed by the instructor and is due by the end of that season.

Department Faculty

  • Photo of Melanie Stanton
    Melanie Stanton
    Director of Health Services and Physical Education Dept Chair
    Lake Superior State University, Sault Ste. Marie, MI - BS
    Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant, MI - MA
    University of South Dakota, Vermillion, SD - EdD
  • Photo of Patrick Frost
    Patrick Frost
    Upper School Athletic Trainer
    Barry University, Miami Shores, FL - BS
  • Photo of Carl Johnson
    Carl Johnson
    Strength & Conditioning Coach
    University of Wisconsin Milwaukee - M.S. Kinesiology
  • Tom Sovocool
    Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach
Age 3-Grade 12 coed Episcopal day school in Alexandria, Virginia


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