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Common Sense Approach to Digital Citizenship

David Hunsicker, Middle School Technology Coordinator
The middle school Saints Advisory program recently explored Digital Citizenship topics.
The Middle School "Saints Advisory Program" recently spent time covering Digital Citizenship topics. (Digital Citizenship refers to the quality of habits, actions, and consumption patterns that impact the ecology of digital content and communities.) Each Middle School advisory worked on a 30-minute lesson tailored to each grade adapted from lessons created by Common Sense Media (CSM).  


Sixth Grade - "Digital Life 101" - Students were introduced to the 24/7, social nature of digital Media and technologies, and gained basic vocabulary and knowledge to discuss the media landscape. They learned how we have changed from a culture of strictly media consumption to a culture where media connects us in a more social and interactive way and the importance of communicating responsibly online.
  • CSM - Digital Life 101 - Video
  • Students - Video of sixth graders participating in lesson

Seventh Grade - "My Media" - Students reviewed media habits and the array of media they use on a daily basis and reflected on the role of digital media in their lives. Students then logged the time they spent with different forms of digital media to create a snapshot of their consumption and the screen time they accumulate on a daily basis. 
  • Students - Video of seventh graders participating in lesson

Eighth Grade - "Digital Footprint" - Students learned that they have a digital footprint, which can be searched, shared, and accessed by a large invisible audience. To illustrate why students should care about managing their digital footprint, they examined the blog posts, photos, and profiles of two fictional job applicants to decide which candidate would be better suited as a game show host for a new TV show. 
  • CSM - Digital Footprint - Video
  • Students - Video of eighth graders participating in lesson

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