The Board of Governors

The St. Stephen's and St. Agnes School Board of Governors is composed of 25 dedicated men and women: 21 elected members, two non-voting ex-officio members, and two non-voting representatives from the Association of Parents and Teachers and the Alumni Association. The group includes alumni, current parents, and parents of alumni who bring rich and diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and professional skills to the Board of Governors. Currently they work in law, finance, business, government, security, sports management, development and construction, public relations, teaching, and ministry.

The board sets policy and focuses on long range and strategic issues while promoting the schools mission and vision. The board accepts accountability for both financial stability and the financial future of the institution, engaging in strategic financial planning, overseeing operating budgets, and participating actively in fundraising.

SSSAS is one of six Episcopal schools in the Diocese of Virginia, and thus follows the general qualifications established by the Church Schools' Bylaws when electing new members. The SSSAS Board, however, does determine its own criteria for membership. Each year in the spring, Board members are nominated for a first or second three-year term. Upon election, the Chair of the Board of Trustees of Church Schools, with the approval of the Bishop of Virginia, formally appoints the members.

2018-2019 Board of Governors

Phil Herget III, Chair
David Felsenthal, Vice Chair
David Charlton '69, President, Church Schools in the Diocese of Virginia

Timothy Adams
Montez Anderson '93
Tom Archer '86
Reginald Brown
Michael Chiaramonte
Patrick Hendy
Freeman Jones
Sarah Knutson
Ian Markham
Catie Meyer '86
Chip Molster
Page Moon
Christopher Murphy '91
Carla Murray
Clay Perfall
Barrye Price
Anita Reed
Donnan (Chancellor) Wintermute '65
Katie Woodruff

Kirsten Adams, Head of School, Ex-offcio member
Glenn Archer '82, President, Alumni Association Board
Valerie Burke, SSSAS Director of Advancement
Beth Chase, Chief Financial Officer
Quincey Grieve, Interim Middle School Director
Mike Mallett, Upper School Director
Carrie Schuyler, President, Association of Parents and Teachers
John Siegel, Chair, Foundation Board of Governors
Jalene Spain Thomas, Lower School Director
Bob Weiman, Associate Head of School