Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

With a deep and long-standing commitment to honoring "the unique value of each of our members as a child of God in a caring community," St. Stephen's and St. Agnes School is dedicated to building and supporting a culture of diversity and inclusion. As we look to the future, diversity and equity will permeate our curriculum, programs, policies, and hiring practices. We will embrace our role as a leader in fostering a place for all, and a culture of dialogue and action around our world's most complex issues and challenges. 
  • Continue to cultivate an environment in which all members of the community feel valued and affirmed.

  • Ensure that cultural competency skills (understanding difference, identity, perspective, diversity, and justice) are vital elements of student education and adult professional development.

  • Foster a community that upholds high standards in regard to respectful and thoughtful discourse.

  • Ensure that our school reflects the demographics of our region by attracting more culturally, ethnically, religiously, and socioeconomically diverse students and faculty.