Identity and Message

Our collective identity is born out of the distinct histories of St. Agnes School and St. Stephen's School and has been guided by our mission for many decades. Our Episcopal foundation and commitment to the pursuit of goodness as well as knowledge provides the foundation for our identity and will guide us as we celebrate and share our message. We will clearly communicate the value of a Saints education so as to position ourselves as one of the premier academic institutions in the greater Washington D.C., area. 
  • Simplify our school's identity to ensure that it can be communicated in a clear, consistent, and compelling manner.
  • Institute a communications and marketing plan to communicate our brand identity and the value of an SSSAS education.
  • Translate "goodness as well as knowledge" into an effective message to convey core values and a sense of wellness for our students.
  • Highlight and leverage our Episcopal identity as an integral part of who we are and what we do.