We teach our students to meet the world with fearless curiosity.

At St. Stephen's and St. Agnes School, we set the highest academic standards through a demanding college preparatory curriculum. The academic program gives our students a firm grasp of fundamental skills and develops their ability to think and write creatively, critically, and independently. In addition, the curriculum fosters an appreciation for the diversity and interconnectedness of human experience. We challenge our students to ask more questions, give consideration to other points of view, and never settle for the easy answer.

We teach our Saints to meet the world with fearless curiosity. To become comfortable with the unfamiliar--an idea, a way of knowing, a perspective, a vision. To expect support as they gain knowledge through success and failure. Saints learn that taking healthy risks is the key to learning and innovating. That failure leads to growth rather than defeat. 

They know it's safe to explore new territory, to step out of their comfort zones. This generates a joy in learning that, in turn, increases intellectual engagement and understanding at all ages. And the satisfaction of accomplishment--the attainment of academic, artistic, or athletic excellence--redoubles the enthusiasm and drives a desire to try even more.