Kate Lucas '16, Attending Trinity College

Coming from SSSAS, where I loved the culture of service, learning about different backgrounds and experiences, I was drawn to a mission-driven college where I have the opportunity to engage with the values of service diversity, interreligious understanding, justice and more. Finding a college with a culture that fits your personal beliefs is the best way to find balance in your life.

Helping Our Students Succeed in a Complex and Changing World

A quality education challenges the whole student to become better in all ways. To accomplish this, St. Stephen’s and St. Agnes School provides a positive environment and opportunities that encourage students to find their passions, take responsibility of leadership roles, learn how to listen and respect others, compete in a just and fair way, savor learning for the thrill of discovery, move outside their comfort zone and embrace new and different activities and perspectives, choose the hard right over the easy wrong, and give back to society. These goals are not easily achieved and what may be appropriate for one student is not necessarily the same for another. This is what makes education so challenging. Achieving the correct balance in a student’s physical, emotional, academic, and spiritual development takes more than just time and effort. It takes care.

The philosophy of the College Office is no different. We take the care necessary to help each and every student and family through the college process, and we work very hard to find the school that will continue to educate the whole student and help them achieve their correct balance.

Honoring the Unique Value of Each of Student

The mission of the College Office is to educate and support students and families through all portions of the college application process. We have three full-time College Counselors to guide our students to find the right fit in a college or university for each student and family. Given the superior caliber of our students, we are proud that our students have taken advantage of the abundance and diversity of excellent institutions of higher learning. Secure in the knowledge that SSSAS prepares each student extremely well for the rigors of college academics, we work hard to encourage our students and advocate for them in the college process.

We are ready to help students and their families walk step-by-step through the process; we will serve as your guides and welcome any questions or concerns that arise. Remembering that the students themselves are the college-bound members of this endeavor, the process must be student-driven, in school and at home. Rest assured--the college process is surmountable, it is decipherable, it is do-able, and who knows, it may even be a little fun!

Meet the College Counseling Team

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  • Dr. Michael Carter 

    Director of College Counseling
    (703) 212-2773
  • Mr. Tim Doyle 

    Associate Director of College Counseling
    (703) 212-2772
  • Ms. Elizabeth Weith 

    Associate Director of College Counseling
For College Admission Representatives
We'd love to have you visit us! To schedule a visit please email Libby Weith at eweith@sssas.org.

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