Inquire. Explore. Collaborate.

St. Stephen’s and St. Agnes School has a library on each campus: the Sinclair Library at the Lower School; Babyak Library at the Middle School; and the Wills Library at the Upper School.

The libraries provide exciting, enriching, and safe learning environments for students to think independently and critically, as well as collaboratively and creatively, about information and literature. The JK-12 library program instructs students in the skills necessary to explore, assess, select, and synthesize information; develop and articulate ideas; make informed decisions; and take action in an information-rich world.

On each division, librarians partner with students and faculty to provide resources and enhance instruction. The library program encourages and promotes intellectual curiosity, a love of reading, and a passion for learning by providing materials that support and enrich the curriculum and celebrate the diversity of interests and backgrounds of members of our school community and the greater world.


List of 6 members.

  • Alicia Blowers 

    Library Department Chair and Middle School Librarian
  • Joyce Ames 

    Upper School Librarian
  • Julie Esanu 

    Lower School Librarian
  • Erin Hartman 

    Lower School Library Assistant
  • Carrie Meyers 

    Middle School Language Teacher and Library Assistant, Admin Asst. to Director of Teaching & Learning
  • Rachel Payne 

    Archivist and Upper School Assistant Librarian