MS Ambassador

When I was new during new student orientation, there were students to welcome us.
One of them was new the year before and it was very comforting to hear her experience being new.
I'd like to share that with other students and families.

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General Planning Timeline

You are encouraged to inquire at any point in your search. We understand each family has a unique timeline and circumstances related to their school search. That’s why our friendly Admission staff are accessible all year long to assist you wherever you are in the search process. Here’s a look at the general timeline many families follow.

Aug-Dec: Make an inquiry and begin an online application.
Sep-Nov: Register for testing based on the grade to which your child is applying.
Oct-Dec: Visit Campus by registering for a group tour, open house or information session. 
Dec-Jan: Complete application and support documents such as transcripts, teacher recommendations, and test results.
Jan: Applications are due as well as transcripts, teacher recommendations, and test results.
Jan-Feb: Wrap up campus visits and testing.
Feb 1: Optional Financial Assistance forms due.
Mar: Decisions are mailed; deposits are made
Apr: Meet and celebrate with some of your new classmates.
May-Jun: End your current school year strong!