SSSAS offers families options that make it easy to get to and from school, between campuses, and to the Metro. 
Easy, clean and green is the way to go!

Bus Routes

The bus fleet at SSSAS provides service to the major jurisdictions: Alexandria, Fairfax, Arlington, and Prince William Counties in Virginia; Prince George’s County in Maryland; and the District of Columbia. The service picks students up from specific locations in their communities.

If a student is enrolled and desires bus transportation, we will work to create a stop within a couple of miles of their home.

Free Shuttle Routes

Morning and afternoon shuttles run between the three SSSAS campuses to reduce the need for families to drive between campuses. This is convenient for those who live near one campus, with children attending class on another campus, to avoid traffic congestion. Each campus has morning and afternoon departures to the other two campuses and the Braddock Road Metro. There is no charge for the shuttle service for SSSAS students.
    • Free Shuttle Routes

      Free Shuttle Routes