The Mission of our Sports Performance Program is to provide our students with a safe, developmentally appropriate, comprehensive strength and conditioning program designed to maximize athletic potential and reduce the risk and severity of athletic injury. To accomplish this we equip our athletes with the knowledge of proper training protocols and the resources and inspiration to attain their goals. The program is process focused rather than outcome driven, which allows us to center our attention on controllable factors that can be improved and evaluated on a daily basis.

Sports Performance Program

We strive to create an engaging, competitive, welcoming environment that will create a lifelong love of physical activity, fitness, exercise, and overall wellness.  

1) Injury Prevention
2) Performance Enhancement
3) Facilitate Enjoyment and Love of Physical Activity

Program Design Principles and Training Philosophy
1) Ground Based
2) Multi-Planar
3) Multi-Joint
4) Consistency/Adherence

Our training philosophy is derived from our understanding of the scientific literature on strength and conditioning and our experience collaborating with some of the finest coaches in the industry.  We are constantly learning and honing our craft. 
We believe that “play” is key to lifelong human development and we incorporate it as much as possible into our weightroom “culture.”

Strength & Conditioning Coaches

List of 3 members.

  • Mr. Carl Johnson 

    Strength & Conditioning Coach
  • Mr. Tom Sovocool 

    Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach
  • Ms. Abigail Goldberg 

    Assistant Coach, Strength and Conditioning (LTS)