Closing at 4:30 p.m. Today

Due to forecasted weather conditions for this evening, SSSAS is closing all three campuses at 4:30 p.m.

Clubs on the Lower and Middle School will continue as planned.

All Middle School Away games will be cancelled including MS Wrestling to Bullis, MS Girls Basketball to GDS, MS Boys Basketball to Bullis and ACDS.  The home contest for MS Boys Basketball game will go on at 2:45 finishing by 4:00 pm.

Lower School Family Math Night is postponed.

Extended Day at the Lower and Middle School will remain open until all students have been picked up, but please pick up your students as soon as you are able.
The late buses and the late King Street Metro Shuttle will leave campus at 4:45 p.m.

Tech Focus: Students Code an Interactive Story

Middle School Technology Teacher David Hunsicker
Seventh grade students learn about the Progressive Era (1890-1920) while also coding an interactive scene about this important time period.

M.A.T.H. - The Math, Art, Technology, and History departments collaborated on a joint project with seventh graders lasting several weeks. Students attended a series of classes where they learned about the Progressive Era. Working in Scratch, an online coding application that helps students think creatively and reason systematically, students coded an interactive story about a specific topic from the Progressive Era. Earlier in art classes, students created individual passport books that allowed them to track their progress. In addition to the class-specific skills, students honed their creativity, resilience, and curiosity skills. 

Sample Student Work: Women in Progressive Era - Upton Sinclair - Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire

The Progressive Era produced many influential leaders such as Cesar Chavez and Alice Paul, who worked to gain rights for those that did not have them. Students were given choices of classes to attend, and they used the passports they created in art class to track their progress and keep themselves on task. History classes offered time to research and learn about specific topics within the Progressive Era. Meanwhile, math classes offered time for learning to code in order to produce an interactive video on a selected topic within this historical time period.

Scratch, an online coding application developed by MIT, enables students to program their own interactive stories, games, and animations — and share their creations with others in the online community. Scratch helps young coders learn programming concepts such as strings, variables, loops, conditionals, operationals, etc. in a fun, interactive and meaningful way.  

Throughout the project, students demonstrated creativity, resilience, and curiosity, which are part of our core Middle School Mission Skills. The purpose of this multi-departmental project was to emulate real-world life skills, people are given the time and space to take ideas from a concept to a finished product. 

We encourage you to view all student projects here!
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