Meet Jack

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  • What's your favorite subject?

    I like English because I love to read. Reading helps me learn to spell and say more words. I really enjoy reading about animals. I also like to write. In kindergarten, we wrote our own book for Writer's Workshop. My story was about a fishing trip I took day in Maryland. I caught two fish that day. One fish was very hard to catch and weighed about five pounds, and I could barely pick it up! In my book, I drew me holding a rod and sitting down on the chair fishing.
  • Why do you love art class?

    We are always working on new, fun projects, and it is fun to come to class to see what we will be working on. I really like drawing people.
  • What's fun in technology class?

    We used a new drawing app on our iPads that my entire class liked. You can draw people on it, and I used it to draw stuff for Mother’s Day and Grandparents' Day.
  • Why do you like learning Spanish?

    Sometimes we sing Spanish songs. I’m learning the basics and some hard words. I like learning languages and want to learn all of them!
  • What is your favorite school event?

    Grandparents' Day was so much fun! We played a game together in my classroom, and we went outside to show the campus to our guests and took them to the library. We also sang songs for all the grandparents. 
  • Do you have any hobbies?

    I like collecting shark teeth on the beach. If I find enough I can string a necklace together. I also like to play soccer and basketball. Sometimes I like to play video games with my friends.
  • What do you want to be when you grow up?

    I want to be a policeman so I could save the world. I don’t want a job where I have to wake up early though, because I like to sleep in. So I’d work the night shift. 

My Favorites...

Color: Lava color or reddish/orange

Ice cream flavor: Lemon custard

Black panthers - I've only seen them in books and on TV

I like books about animals.

Place at school:
The P.E. room (multipurpose room in McBride Hall) because there is so much stuff to play with!

After-school activity: Rocket Club

My Classes

Language Arts 
Social Studies 

Three times a week

Twice a week

Once a week
Foreign Language 

St. Stephen's and St. Agnes School is an independent, college-preparatory, coed, day, Episcopal Church School that educates students in junior kindergarten through grade 12. The school consists of three, age-appropriate campuses (Lower, Middle, and Upper School) in Alexandria, Virginia. SSSAS welcomes families of all faiths. We offer challenging academics, a state-of-the-art performing arts center, and championship athletics. SSSAS is regarded as one of the top private schools in the Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C. area.

Lower School

Grades: JK-5
400 Fontaine Street
Alexandria, Virginia 22302

Middle School

Grades: 6-8
4401 West Braddock Road
Alexandria, Virginia 22304

Upper School

Grades: 9-12
1000 St. Stephen's Road
Alexandria, Virginia 22304