Meet Olivia

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  • You joined SSSAS in sixth grade. How is school different at SSSAS?

    SSSAS gives you a chance to meet many new friends. There is also a lot more freedom than at my previous school. For instance, we change classes and go to our lockers, which allows us to be responsible and also socialize with friends along the way, which I like. SSSAS also gives you a choice of performing arts classes, and the P.E. program is really great.
  • Why is math your favorite subject?

    Math is my favorite because I love problem solving. I prefer subjects that have a definite answer, where I have to master the steps to figure out the problem. Math is challenging, and you have to work to get good at it, but that is what I like about it.
  • What's a fun way you've used technology in class?

    In chorus, we worked on making a song with the app “Garage Band.” We worked in pairs to write lyrics and connected beats and music patterns to make an original song, which we played for the class. I liked the project because it was a fun way to learn how to write music, and my friend and I enjoyed working together to come up with a fun song.
  • What's one of your favorite projects?

    In sixth grade we had a Medieval Fair as part of our history project. My topic was trade in medieval China. My partners and I researched and found interesting facts about how and what the Chinese traded with their neighbors. We presented our project to a group of parents and the seventh and eighth grade students, and then tested them on our presentations to see what they had learned. They did well, which showed us that they were interested and enjoyed learning about our topic. Then we got to meet with our entire grade for a medieval feast, with the dining hall decorated like all of the regions we had studied.
  • What "life skills" have you learned at SSSAS?

    In the Middle School, they really require students to be responsible for their own work, to be on top of homework and tests. They also teach us to be good people by requiring us to follow the call to character, which is something that will help guide us later in life. I think the teachers at SSSAS also work to teach us how to push through any challenges.
  • Is there a Middle School club you especially enjoy?

    I attend Focus on Thursdays after school at the Upper School. Focus is a group meeting where we read and talk about the Bible and do fun activities and games. We get to talk about things that are happening in our own lives and how they relate to what we’re discussing. We share the good and bad parts of our days and talk about what we can do to make them better.
  • What makes SSSAS special?

    Everyone at SSSAS is very friendly and welcoming to new kids. The students here made me feel like I had been a student here forever. All of the teachers are considerate and helpful and know what is best for each student because they take the time to get to know each of us. It is a very comfortable and fun place to go to school.  

About Me

New things I've tried at school: Computer coding in math, new experiments in science, and in English, we wrote poems and shared them with our parents for the Sixth Grade Poetry Tea. Also volleyball, softball, and field hockey. 

Free-time activities: Guitar and dance lessons

Athletics: Soccer, basketball, lacrosse, and swimming

Love most about SSSAS: I love the friends I have made and the memories that I have made with them—on and off campus.  

Check Out My Day

•    *Advisory
•    History
•    English 
•    Life Science
•    Art
•    Spanish
•    Chorus
•    Advanced Pre-Algebra
•    Religion
•    Athletics
•    Chapel once a week

*What is Advisory?
All students have a faculty advisor who helps with academics and school life. During this time you can meet with teachers, do homework, plan a service-learning activity, have an enrichment assembly, or even have an advisory party!

My Favorites...

Books: Walk Two Moons, A Wrinkle in Time, and The Outsiders

SSSAS events: The Sleepy
Thompson Basketball Tournament, where we all watch and cheer on the Saints team; our mini-course trip to Echo Hill; and Homecoming & Reunion Weekend, where we watch the football game and go on rides at the Upper School.
Subjects/Classes: Math and P.E.

Spot on campus:
The field at recess because we get to run around.

On Campus with Olivia

St. Stephen's and St. Agnes School is an independent, college-preparatory, coed, day, Episcopal Church School that educates students in junior kindergarten through grade 12. The school consists of three, age-appropriate campuses (Lower, Middle, and Upper School) in Alexandria, Virginia. SSSAS welcomes families of all faiths. We offer challenging academics, a state-of-the-art performing arts center, and championship athletics. SSSAS is regarded as one of the top private schools in the Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C. area.

Lower School

Grades: JK-5
400 Fontaine Street
Alexandria, Virginia 22302

Middle School

Grades: 6-8
4401 West Braddock Road
Alexandria, Virginia 22304

Upper School

Grades: 9-12
1000 St. Stephen's Road
Alexandria, Virginia 22304