Experience the Spirit

In addition to over 800 games, matches and meets, St. Stephen's and St. Agnes School hosts six signature athletic events each year. The excitement kicks off in the fall with the Seminary Hill Cup, a girls athletic competition between our Saints and Episcopal High School, which we alternate hosting. In addition, we host five longstanding, annual events: the Girls Invitational Basketball Tournament, the Sleepy Thompson Boys Basketball Tournament, and the Holiday Classic Wresting Tournament in November and December; the Girls Lacrosse Spring Fling in April; and the Draper Track & Field Invitational in May. All these tournaments, except the Draper Track & Field Invitational, are supported by the Saints Athletics Club.

These tournaments bring hundreds of student-athletes to our campus from our region and around the nation to participate, as well as families, students, faculty, and other fans to witness and cheer on their teams in these spirited events.