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Meet Sam: Eighth Grade

A Saint Since Sixth Grade

Q&A with Sam

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  • How has school life differed here from your previous school?

    Previously, I attended a public school and was in a homeroom of 24 people. Going from that to an advisory of 11 at SSSAS, I was met with more one-on-one interactions with teachers to truly develop an understanding of each topic in a class. We have the opportunity to partake in hands-on activities that allow us to experience the information we are learning, instead of reading it on a textbook page.
  • What is your favorite subject?

    Science because I love learning about how our world works and how I could do better in it in the future using various scientific principles. In science class, we get to perform many different experiments that apply the information we learn into something we can observe in the real world.
  • What is a project or class assignment you have enjoyed?

    In math we created parodies of songs that would teach our peers about the quadratic formula. I really liked doing this project because it combined my passion for music and algebra.
  • Why do you think service learning is important?

    It reminds us of all the blessings we have in our day to day lives that go so easily forgotten in the routine of things. This year, my advisory got to play with young children with intellectual disabilities, such as Autism or Down’s Syndrome, through our school’s partnership with the Special Olympics. We helped teach the kids various motor skills, introduced them to different sports equipment, and most of all, made sure that they had a great time.
  • Describe a school project you enjoyed that used technology.

    The sixth grade Green City Design Challenge: We were given a plot of land from countries around the world and were tasked with designing a city that included many “green” forms of technology and energy such as solar panels, hydroelectric dams, etc. Not only did I enjoy working in a group to make the most environmentally conscious city possible, but I also liked designing a hotel run by tidal power through a 3D design software named Tinkercad, where we also got to print out our designs utilizing our school’s 3D printers.
  • Tell us about a Middle School club you have participated in.

    I was the Head of the Middle School Drama Board, a group of students that runs the annual festival and chooses new plays to perform, and decided to join because I felt that I could positively influence the drama department. I learned how to work in a team and articulate myself to get a point across. I was in UC2, the school’s diversity club, because equality for all and the understanding of identity is something very important to me. I learned about how important promoting diversity in our daily lives is and I also learned about various people who fought for equal rights. I wrote poems for Prattle Tales (the Middle School literary magazine) because writing poems is something I’ve been doing for a long time and have really enjoyed. I learned how to write meaningful poems that would touch others.
  • What artistic experience have you liked most at SSSAS?

    The Middle School Drama Festival is my favorite. It consists of drama classes from each grade level performing a 30-35 minute long piece. I enjoyed it so much because not only did I get to work behind the scenes during the festival through spotlighting, but I also got to act onstage.
  • What performing arts classes have you enjoyed?

    Through all three years of Middle School, I participated in drama because I have always had a passion for acting and being onstage. Some roles that I have really enjoyed playing are Edward, a paranoid high school conspiracy theorist, Mr. Lewis, a teacher who runs an experiment to test the integrity of his class, and Guillermo, an awkward opera singer whose plane crashes on a desert island. Through being in drama class, I learned what it meant to be a good actor, teammate, and friend.

Video: On Campus with Sam

The most meaningful part of our mission to me is “to honor the unique value of each of our members as a child of God in a caring community.” It reminds us to not only respect each other’s differences, but to also celebrate them because they don’t separate us, instead, they make us a stronger, more loving community.

About Me

Activities/interests outside school: Singing, acting, playing the ukulele, drawing, and writing

What new things have you tried at SSSAS? Walking on a catwalk... (despite my crippling fear of heights!)

What do you do in your free time? Karaoke, watch movies and shows on Netflix, and hang out with friends.

What do you love most about SSSAS? The friends I’ve made!

My Favorites

Books: To Kill a Mockingbird, 1984, Wicked

SSSAS events: Multicultural night, Saints Got Talent, and the Middle School Drama Festival

Classes: Science and drama

Spot on campus: The dining hall because not only do I thoroughly enjoy eating there, but I get to spend time with my friends in the middle of a hectic day.

My Day

  • *Advisory
  • English
  • Honors Algebra
  • 20th Century American Experience (History)
  • Religion
  • Principles of Science
  • Spanish
  • Theater Tech
  • Drama
  • Visual Art
  • Chapel once a week
*What is Advisory?
All students have a faculty advisor who helps with academics and school life. During this time you can meet with teachers, do homework, plan a service-learning activity, have an enrichment assembly, or even have an advisory party!
Age 3-Grade 12 coed Episcopal day school in Alexandria, Virginia


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  • Lower School

    Age 3-Grade 5
    400 Fontaine Street
    Alexandria, Virginia 22302
  • Middle School

    Grades: 6-8
    4401 West Braddock Road
    Alexandria, Virginia 22304
  • Upper School

    Grades: 9-12
    1000 St. Stephen's Road
    Alexandria, Virginia 22304