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12th Annual Seminary Hill Cup: Saints vs Episcopal

In Pursuit of the Cup

Founded in 2008, the Seminary Hill Cup (SHC) is a spirited competition between the St. Stephen's and St. Agnes and Episcopal High School girls' varsity and junior varsity teams.

The schools compete for a total of 10 possible points throughout a total of 10 different contests (1 point is awarded to the winner of each individual team contests, 0.5 points awarded for a tie). If point totals are tied at the end of the overall competition, the Cup is awarded to the school that has recorded the most varsity wins (up to five possible) in the competition. The Seminary Hill Cup's host school alternates each year between the SSSAS and EHS campuses .

In 2017 which marked the 10-year anniversary of the rivalry for the Seminary Hill Cup, closely contested battles defined the day, with each school capturing a total of 5 "Cup" points. It was the first time the final results ended in a tie!

Seminary Hill Cup
October 23, 2021

Saints Win 5-4

JV Girls Soccer: 7-0
Varsity Girls Soccer: 1-0
JV Field Hockey: 1-0
Varsity Field Hockey: 3-1
Varsity Cross Country: 33-23

Episcopal High School Wins
JV Tennis: 4-3
Varsity Tennis: 4-2
JV Volleyball: 2-0
Varsity Volleyball: 3-0

SHC Results

2008 EHS Wins 5-5
Hosted by EHS

2009 SSSAS Wins 5-4
Hosted by SSSAS

2010 EHS Wins 5.5-4.5
Hosted by EHS

2011 SSSAS Wins 6.5-3.5
Hosted by SSSAS

2012 SSSAS Wins 6-4
Hosted by EHS

2013 EHS Wins 6.5-3.5
Hosted by SSSAS

2014 EHS Wins 5.5-4.5
Hosted by EHS

2015 SSSAS Wins 6-4
Hosted by SSSAS

2016 EHS Wins 6.5-3.5
Hosted by EHS

2017 SSSAS & EHS Tie 5-5
Hosted by SSSAS

2018 SSSAS Wins 4.5 to 3.5
Hosted by EHS

2019 SSSAS Wins 7 to 2
Hosted by SSSAS

2021 SSSAS Wins 5 to 4
Hosted by EHS
Age 3-Grade 12 coed Episcopal day school in Alexandria, Virginia


List of 3 items.

  • Lower School

    Age 3-Grade 5
    400 Fontaine Street
    Alexandria, Virginia 22302
  • Middle School

    Grades: 6-8
    4401 West Braddock Road
    Alexandria, Virginia 22304
  • Upper School

    Grades: 9-12
    1000 St. Stephen's Road
    Alexandria, Virginia 22304