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Limitless Potential

Faculty members at St. Stephen's and St. Agnes School have a wealth of opportunities to continue expanding their knowledge of both their disciplines and the field of education. The school is located only a few minutes from Washington D.C. and is surrounded by a number of excellent colleges and universities. Faculty and staff members also expand their exploration to resources nationally and internationally. 

Lifelong Learning

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  • Experts in their Fields

    See how our administrators, faculty, and staff continue to expand their career and share their expertise in their field locally and nationally.
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Three Teachers. Three Stories.

Summer Study Grants

Every year the school's Association of Parents and Teachers (APT) awards summer study grants to faculty and administrators. In 2013, the program was renamed the Holden Summer Fellowships, in honor of former Head of School Joan Holden, who served from 1984-2014. 

More than 300 of our professionals have used grants to study everything from civil rights to ecosystems to musical pedagogy. Others have participated in archaeological digs in Israel, Spanish immersion programs in Bolivia, and prominent reading and literature workshops nationwide. Still others have participated in a Fulbright program in Japan, coached athletics in Spain, or participated in an Earthwatch Institute field expedition to survey the Bahamian reefs.

Kelley Gorman, Middle School Science Teacher

I was fortunate to travel on a ship for eleven days around the Svalbard region of Norway. We hiked on glaciers and tundra, ventured into the pack ice in search of polar bears, witnessed a feeding frenzy with several fin whales and hundreds of kittiwakes, and encountered walruses on land and at sea. Each day the naturalists on board offered lectures on the local flora and fauna, ice forms, and regional environmental pressures. These sessions were a wonderful chance for me to become a student again.

Ted Yoder, Upper School AP Biology Teacher

I love studying fossils. It makes me happy. It makes me happy to find any fossils, even sharks teeth in the Chesapeake Bay. More importantly, kids love fossils. That’s why I was thrilled to attend The University of Washington Burke Museum Discovery in Geosciences (DIG) Field School for K-12 Teachers in Jordan, Montana. For my AP Biology students, I bring my fossils into class and put them in their hands so they can feel geologic history. A teacher can lecture on extinction events – but when a student holds a 55 million-year-old Cucullaea gigantea shell, they are interacting with a relic from the past.

Kimberly Scott, Upper School French Teacher

From the moment I arrived at Plum Village in France for a Mindfulness Retreat, I felt at home. Getting away from our busy, over-stimulated lives is not easy, and this experience helped me to reconnect with my true self, be more self-compassionate, and feel more connected to the present every day. I hope to impart this mindfulness with my students on a daily basis while we learn and take deep breaths together!
Age 3-Grade 12 coed Episcopal day school in Alexandria, Virginia


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