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Lower School Academics

Lower School

The Lower School curriculum emphasizes reading, writing and mathematics. Utilizing a cross-curricular approach, students incorporate these academic areas into other ones, such as social studies and science.

From the beginning, including our Early Saints for 3-year-olds and junior kindergarten, solid work habits are stressed, providing a foundation for students to learn organizational strategies and to acquire note- and test-taking skills. Teachers differentiate instruction to provide the appropriate level of challenge and support for all students.

Lower School Courses

Throughout their time in the Lower School, our students will cover the following courses:

  • Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Social Studies
  • History
  • Social Studies
  • Academic Support
  • Library
  • Modern and Classical Languages
  • Performing Arts
  • Physical Education
  • Religion
  • Science
  • Technology
  • Visual Arts

Specials beyond the Core

Beginning in junior kindergarten, classes in science, technology, modern and classical language, performing and visual arts, and physical education complement our students' sound academic foundation. Classroom and special subject teachers work together to integrate skills from multiple subjects.

Students are given the opportunity to exhibit their knowledge and understanding at the end of the unit. Parents, faculty, staff and other students are invited to attend these exhibitions, including Spotlight on Authors, the Science, States and ArtStravaganza.

Hands on Science investigation

Supporting our Students

At the Lower School, our Academic Support Team provides support to all students, including students with mild to moderate learning needs, in order to help them become more effective learners and successful self-advocates. Our learning specialists consult with the classroom teachers and recommend strategies that include classroom accommodations. We help teachers identify and support the individual needs of our students and implement best teaching practices. Our learning specialists join the classroom to provide support. For example, we may work with a group of kindergarten students who need targeted phonics instruction or a group of fifth graders on writing organization.

Our Academic Support Team can also work with students who would benefit from direct, ongoing support based on their learning profiles. Our learning specialists, administrators, and classroom teachers collaborate to make decisions regarding which students may benefit from this program. Such students have typically participated in educational testing or a screening at school. Assistance may be provided with:

  • Early literacy and language skills
  • Reading (e.g., decoding, fluency)
  • Reading comprehension 
  • Spelling
  • Written expression
  • Math skills
  • Executive functioning 
  • Learning concepts like growth mindset
  • Monitoring anxiety related to academics

Counselors on each campus are available for consultation to all students of the school community, and are also resources for parents with concerns regarding students or school-related issues.The Chaplains are also available to all members of the school community, students and parents, as well as faculty and staff who wish to talk about ethical or spiritual issues or personal relationships. During the year a variety of mental health and wellness programs are offered for students and adults.

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