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A unique feature of a SSSAS education is our three distinct campuses, each home to facilities designed and dedicated to that specific age group, and each with an incredible faculty committed to and expert in those grades. Accordingly, you will see that the admission section of our website is similarly delineated. Simply follow the division of interest to you and we will guide you through the admission process and provide you key contact information.

Welcome to St. Stephen's and St. Agnes, where every student is valued as a child of God and taught to meet the world with fearless curiosity.  We are so glad you're here.

Kirsten Prettyman Adams
Head of School

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Meet the Team

The admission process can be both exciting and daunting, and our Admission team is here to smooth your path and to be of any assistance. If you have questions, they want to provide answers! You may drop us a text using the blue "Text us" button below.

As you consider what you want in a school, keep these points in mind.

  • Values that affirm the worth of each member of the school community, create the conditions for your success.
  • Teachers who nurture your curiosity inspire you to realize your academic best.
  • Hands-on learning experiences, whether field trips, service projects, or cross-cultural travel build your understanding of the wider world.
  • Opportunities for you to innovate stimulate your imagination and creativity.
  • Clubs, activities, and athletics are proving grounds for building friendships, developing leadership skills, and shaping your character.
  • A school with a well-defined sense of purpose will help you to define yourself to BECOME READY.