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Each year a number of St. Stephen's and St. Agnes School graduates go on to play their sports on NCAA Division I, II, and III athletic teams. In recent years, they have represented baseball, basketball, crew, cross country, field hockey, football, golf, ice hockey, horseback riding, lacrosse, sailing, soccer, softball, swimming, tennis, track & field, volleyball, and wrestling. 

SSSAS provides active and extensive support to all Saints student-athletes who want to pursue their respective sport(s) at the collegiate level. Because there are many differences with regards to individual sports, the NCAA division level at which they play, and academic standards of individual colleges and universities, each student-athlete’s college process is unique. These differences impact all aspects of the recruiting process to include, contact times and visiting days, signing dates, financial aid and scholarships, etc. The SSSAS Athletic and College Offices are an important resource in this process and work closely to assist student-athletes and their families in many ways:
  • Coaches, Athletic Directors and College Counselors serve as points of contact for College Coaches who are recruiting Saints athletes
  • Providing college coaches with materials (transcripts, standardized test scores and video) in support of student-athletes
  • SSSAS provides students and families with information regarding the NCAA, it’s rules, regulations and divisions
Further information on playing in the NCAA can be found on the NCAA Eligibility website.

Here are the student-athletes from the four most recent graduating classes who went on to play at the collegiate level and the schools they entered.

2021 College Athletes

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  • 2021 Alumni Athletes

    Victor Arrate
    Soccer at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
    Nathan Bezuneh
    Cross Country/Track at Fordham University
    Hadley Boston
    Lacrosse at Johns Hopkins University
    Cate Bradley
    Lacrosse at Vanderbilt University
    Kyle Burbage
    Soccer at Wesleyan University
    Chumani Chamberlain
    Basketball at Barton College
    Jane Chen
    Lacrosse at University of Chicago
    Keene Cornick
    Lacrosse at Washington & Lee University
    Colin Donovan
    Lacrosse at Rhodes College
    Lindsey Donovan
    Lacrosse at Connecticut College
    Olivia Duvall
    Soccer at Wake Forest University
    Trystan Fogg
    Lacrosse at Vanderbilt University
    John Fontham
    Lacrosse at Harvard University
    Annabel Frist
    Lacrosse at Stanford University

    Amy Gastright
    Softball at Gettysburg College
    Eric Gordon
    Basketball at Post Grad at Massanutten Military Academy
    Julie Griswold
    Lacrosse at Columbia University
    Olivia Heck
    Swimming at Rhodes College
    Tison Hill
    Football at Southern Texas University
    Kris Huber
    Lacrosse at Lafayette College
    Brooke Kurtz
    Lacrosse at Trinity College (CT)
    Lane Lambeth
    Lacrosse at Franklin & Marshall College
    Caroline Lipton
    Soccer at Seton Hall University
    Mira Majure
    Lacrosse at University of California at Berkeley
    Max Mallett
    Lacrosse at Babson College
    Will Matia
    Lacrosse at Washington & Lee University
    Nicole Moran
    Field Hockey at Post Grad at The Hill School

    Emily Mueller
    Lacrosse at Bates College
    Rita Peterson
    Lacrosse at Stanford University
    Emily Smith
    Soccer at Davidson College
    Tai’Lyn Smith
    Soccer at Farmingdale State College
    Leilani Soriano
    Lacrosse at Bryn Mawr College
    Sydney Southworth
    Lacrosse at University of California at Berkeley
    Finlay Weiss
    Soccer at University of Rochester
    Elinor West
    Field Hockey at Rhodes College
    Olivia Wood
    Lacrosse at Rhodes College

2019 College Athletes

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  • 2019 College Athletes

    Tory Atkinson
    Swimming at Tufts University
    Curtis Borden
    Track & Field at University of Georgia
    Emma Bradley
    Lacrosse at Rhodes College
    Caroline Burnett
    Lacrosse at Princeton University
    Alex Burtnett
    Lacrosse at University of Virginia
    Christina Cavallo
    Lacrosse at Washington and Lee University
    William Clark
    Tennis at Davidson College
    Chase Cohen
    Tennis at Williams College
    Christian DePollar
    Basketball at U.S. Air Force Academy

    John Ryder Duncan
    Baseball at Randolph-Macon College
    Nick Dupuis
    Lacrosse at University of Maryland - Baltimore
    Tommy Dyson
    Lacrosse at Hampden-Sydney College
    Mason Edwards
    Lacrosse at University of Maryland - Baltimore
    Gabriella Guadalupe
    Lacrosse at Dickinson College
    Jalen Meares
    Basketball at Salisbury University
    Kennon Moon
    Lacrosse at University of Pennsylvania
    Ephraim Reed
    Basketball at New York University
    Emma Repke
    Lacrosse at Denison University
    Jackson Reynolds
    Lacrosse at Pennsylvania State University
    Tyler Smith
    Soccer at Washington and Lee University
    Quinten Staples
    Football at Carnegie Mellon University
    Charles Thompson
    Basketball at Towson University
    Sam Trainer
    Football at College of William & Mary
    Andrew Tyeryar
    Lacrosse at University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
    Jared White
    Basketball at Norfolk State University

2020 College Athletes

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  • 2020 College Athletes

    Jamal Barnes                           
    Basketball at St. Thomas Aquinas College (NY)

    Lacey Bartholomay
    Lacrosse at the U.S. Military Academy
    Chase Beasley
    Basketball at the U.S. Air Force Academy
    Tre Boone
    Football at East Tennessee State University
    Kate Coward
    Lacrosse at Denison University
    Jared Cross
    Basketball at the U.S. Military Academy
    Nyia Cummings
    Track at Cornell University
    Izzy D’Antonio                          
    Lacrosse at Loyola University (MD)
    Bjorn Davidson
    Lacrosse at Williams College
    Claire Fergusson
    Diving at Kenyon University

    Luke Fisher
    Lacrosse at Denison University

    Shivani Gifford
    Lacrosse at Winthrop University

    Bridget Hanley
    Lacrosse at Colorado College

    Simone Holland
    Lacrosse at University of California at Berkeley

    Lamumba Howard
    Football at Temple University

    Tyler Jones
    Football at U.S. Naval Academy Prep/USCGA

    Hallie Knutson
    Lacrosse at Occidental College

    William Lane
    Lacrosse at Denison University

    Xavier Lipscomb
    Basketball at Radford University

    Will McConnel
    Football at Trinity College (CT)

    Alex Mceneney
    Track at Hamilton College

    Dimitri Nicolaidis
    Lacrosse at Washington College (MD)

    Drew Pascal
    Lacrosse at Franklin & Marshall College

    Andre Screen
    Basketball at Bucknell University

    Henry Watson
    Baseball at Macalester College

    Ben Wayer
    Lacrosse at University of Virginia

    Ashley West
    Lacrosse at University of Virginia

    Dillyn Zindler
    Lacrosse at Connecticut College

2018 College Athletes

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  • 2018 College Athletes

    Audrey Androus
    Cross Country/Track at Rhodes College
    Isabelle Brocato
    Lacrosse at Denison University
    Gus Callahan
    Soccer at Randolph College
    Connor Campbell
    Baseball at University of Maryland – 
    College Park
    Jadyn Chandler
    Track & Field at Mercer University
    Christie Coulter
    Lacrosse at University of California - Davis

    Emma Day
    Lacrosse at Virginia Tech
    Annie Dyson
    Lacrosse at University of Virginia
    Lindsey Ellison
    Lacrosse at U.S. Naval Academy
    Sarah Gallahan
    Soccer at Susquehanna University
    Brian Gilday
    Track & Field at University of Virginia
    Taylor Henriksen
    Field Hockey at University of Virginia
    Myles Johnson
    Track & Field at Virginia Tech
    Naj Johnson
    Football at Hobart University
    Chandler Kourtesis
    Soccer at Hampden-Sydney College
    Jack Lambeth
    Lacrosse at Sewanee: University of the South
    Rainier Lee
    Lacrosse at Providence College

    Zion Lee
    Football at Alvernia College
    Julian Lemmond
    Football at Catholic University
    CJ Lyons
    Football at Dartmouth College
    Connor McCulloch
    Lacrosse at University of Utah
    Silas Newsome
    Lacrosse at Brown University
    Grayson Offutt
    Lacrosse at University of Virginia
    Andrew Revers
    Swimming at Boston College
    Drew Rose
    Track & Field at William & Mary
    Jack Siegel 
    Lacrosse at Amherst College
    Will Sterrett
    Lacrosse at Rochester Institute of Technology
    Austin Stewart
    Lacrosse at University of Denver
    Spencer Talley
    Lacrosse at Sewanee: University of the South
    Maya Tumiwa
    Field Hockey/Softball at Denison University
    AC Veith
    Field Hockey at Denison University
    Jordan Walker
    Track & Field at Hampton University
    Jack Wood
    Lacrosse at Trinity College (CT)
Age 3-Grade 12 coed Episcopal day school in Alexandria, Virginia


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  • Lower School

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    400 Fontaine Street
    Alexandria, Virginia 22302
  • Middle School

    Grades: 6-8
    4401 West Braddock Road
    Alexandria, Virginia 22304
  • Upper School

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