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Senior Receives Service Award

Vivion Purser ’20 received the Alexandria Rotary Club's Jefferson Cup for Community Service.

Congratulations to senior Vivion Purser, who received the Alexandria Rotary Club's Jefferson Cup for Community Service on February 11. Recipients of this award exemplify the Rotary motto of “Service above Self” in their daily lives and volunteer commitments.
At the Rotary meeting, Vivion was introduced with the following remarks about her service contributions written by Upper School Associate Director of College Counseling Timothy Doyle:
Vivion Purser is a combination of self-reliance, resourcefulness, and persistence. A goal setter, once her sights are set, Vivion remains undeterred. With a heart full of empathy, service to others is a thread that runs through the fabric of Vivon’s life. Whether she is working with the St. Stephen’s and St. Agnes Best Buddies Club or SAINTS Service Team, serving dinners at L’Arch, an area home for adults with intellectual disabilities, or tutoring an ESL child at Casa Chiralaqua, an Alexandria organization that supports the Latino community, she believes that the best way to affect change is one action, one person, one day at a time. Vivion has traveled to volunteer with her fellow Saints in Haiti, Nepal, and Guatemala; not to build a resume, but because she truly has a heart for those in need. Whether its children who live in another country or kids locally who live in an underserved area, Vivion believes that her purpose is to help others along the way. Most recently, Vivion co-founded our St. Stephen’s and St. Agnes’s peer tutoring group. She helped to create the protocol and steps for student tutors to follow, and she has worked closely with faculty department chairs in math, science, and foreign languages to create a system to pair volunteer student tutors with students who need additional help.
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