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Thinkfun Produces SSSAS Math Game

Our Director of Lower School Math invented an interactive game beloved by students.

An interactive and competitive math game invented by SSSAS Director of Lower School Mathematics Ann Bremner has caught the attention of the award-winning game company Thinkfun. “Math Dice Chase” keeps students actively engaged in quickly identifying the sum, difference, or product of the rolled dice. The added element of excitement is best described as a mathematical hot potato—students get “caught” by the dice, which keeps them involved in the game. The game is beloved by many of our Lower School students!

Mrs. Bremner invented the game a few years ago when she was looking for a fun way to practice and review basic math skills with her students. “When I use this game in my classroom, the noise level is unbelievable, as every student is fully engaged in learning,” said Mrs. Bremner. “I am just an observer. We often make up the rules as we go along—if there is a disagreement, I ask them what they think would be the best solution. I allow them ownership over how they feel the game should be played, and we often try out new ideas. It’s really an exciting and fun way for students to learn math.”

Thinkfun is a global company with products represented in more than 60 countries. They offer mobile apps, online games, global education programs, STEM development games, and other fun games that teach 21st century thinking skills. See Ann Bremner and her game featured on the Thinkfun website!

Math Dice Chase is recommended for grades 3 and up. It will be sold by Amazon in late December and Barnes & Noble in January.
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