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Saints Together: Our Campaign for Community

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Our Campaign for Community,
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Saints Reflect: 
Community Voices on
the Impact of Saints Together

Investing in our Future:
Why we Give to SSSAS


“My parents instilled in me and my sister Shana ’96 the importance of hard work, doing the right thing, and being kind,” said Summer Crabtree’ 99 (parent of Parker Rose ’37 and River’ 38). “These values drive the importance of giving back and the mission of our family’s foundation, The Phyllis P. and Scott A. Crabtree Family Foundation." 

Established in 2019, the Crabtree Family Foundation’s mission is to make a positive and sustainable impact now and in the future. The Foundation serves more than 50 organizations locally, nationally, and globally with a focus on education and health. Their impact continues to grow each year.

Now a second-generation Saints family, Summer attributes her commitment to giving back to the Episcopal education she received at St. Stephen’s and St. Agnes School. “The Episcopal tenets of welcoming,  loving, and caring for all of our community are why giving is so important to our family’s Foundation,” said Summer. 

Amongst many beneficiaries, SSSAS is grateful to the Crabtree Family Foundation for their gifts to establish the Crabtree Family Foundation Scholarship and the new Crabtree Family Foundation Speaker Series. The speaker series is a bi-annual event focusing on mental health topics for Saints student-athletes and their families. Both Shana and Summer were student-athletes and competed in field hockey, volleyball, basketball, and lacrosse.

It’s no exaggeration to say hard work and giving back are a family tradition that their parents, Scott and Phyllis, exemplify to this day. “When we were students, our mother worked in the library and the lunchroom. She chaperoned field trips, planned events, and was a volunteer middle school tennis coach for a few years even though my sister and I played other sports,” said Summer. “Our dad continues to work incredibly hard as a partner at Pohanka Automotive and has expanded the business to five states, and he continues to compete in triathlons - even the notorious Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon.” 

Reflecting back to her time as a student, Summer said, “I thought it was pretty great back then, but it’s so exciting to see where the school is now. The new building at the Upper School through Saints Together: Our Campaign for Community will be incredible, the parent involvement is unsurpassed, and the level of teacher education and ongoing professional development is remarkable.” 

With their parents’ encouragement and best-in-class teaching at SSSAS, Summer and Shana attribute their career paths, a high school English teacher and pediatric pulmonologist now healthcare coach, respectively, to the outstanding values of SSSAS. 

“I am grateful for the values that I learned early on at SSSAS. These values include love of learning, fairness, honesty, and kindness and have helped me to live a growth mindset and continue to transform personally and professionally. Making an impact is my ‘why’ and there are many creative ways to accomplish that. Anything is possible,” said Shana.

“There are many reasons we choose to give to SSSAS,” said Summer. “One is seeing how much the teachers and staff give to the students with their love and support. They go above and beyond the call of duty.” Another is the school’s historically strong female leadership and its continuation through Kirsten Adams, Head of School. “I benefited greatly from iconic female Saints educators such as Dr. Julia Brent, Sherley Keith, Bonita Quinn, Carol Raney, Betsy Rice, Elinor Scully, and Marsha Way. Kathy Jenkins in particular taught me to see the whole field while still focusing on the little things and fundamentals in order to be successful. Now, as a mom, all of these skills come into play on a daily basis.”

Today, as a Saints parent, Summer describes the experience of having her children attend SSSAS as a dream come true. “I’m so thankful Parker Rose and River get to experience an Episcopal education which values giving back to others,” she said. “Both Parker Rose and River have already visited Goodwin House on service field trips with their class this year. They’re even beginning to develop their own sense of what it means to give back. At home they earn money for cleaning up their toys and doing chores. Then they are expected to take a portion of their earnings and choose an organization they care about to donate to. We want them involved in the groundwork of volunteering. As they grow, we will involve them more in the logistics of the Foundation and making decisions that positively impact their community.”

Echoing Summer’s sentiment, Scott Crabtree said, “Teachers and coaches have the opportunity to play incredibly important roles in the lives of our children. They instill lifelong values of self confidence, respect for others, critical thinking skills and so much more. When we stop and think about the impact of the teachers, coaches, and school, we want the absolute, unequivocal best for our kids. Phyllis and I appreciate receiving that level of commitment when Shana and Summer were SSSAS students. Now, we feel exceptionally lucky to support the next generation of faculty and staff at SSSAS as they  develop those qualities in Parker Rose and River.” 

“At SSSAS, through all that the students do, they’re thinking not just of themselves but always thinking of others and asking and then answering the question, ‘How can I make my community a better place?’” said Summer. “That is what I want for my children to learn.”

SSSAS is grateful to The Phyllis P. and Scott A. Crabtree Family Foundation for their gifts to the school. If you are interested in making a contribution to Saints Together, please contact Rachel Shah, Chief Advancement Officer, at [email protected] or 703-212-2714.

An Inspiration to Saints Past,
Present, and Future:

Dr. Roberta Klein on Giving to
Saints Together

It’s called realia,” said Dr. Roberta Klein, Upper School English teacher, when asked about what she enjoys having on display in her classroom. “Realia is all of the little things that you display in your classroom that aid a student’s learning in some way. A student’s environment vastly influences how they learn. I like to have posters that depict what we’re discussing. Maps that show not only the U.S. but the world. Books that I can pick up from the shelf. It all makes a difference in the way a student absorbs the material.” 

Now in her 39th year of teaching at St. Stephen’s and St. Agnes School, Dr. Klein estimates that she has taught more than 2,000 Saints. “Among many reasons, I have stayed because of my great colleagues, students, and coursework.” On the day of this interview, Dr. Klein’s D-period Honors English 10 class had a detailed discussion of a passage from Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales. “I get to teach students things that were pertinent in 1390 and are still relevant today.” With a devout affinity for English literature, detective fiction, and creative writing, she acknowledges her former and present colleagues and students as her inspiration to make a gift to Saints Together: Our Campaign for Community. 

“It is a privilege to make a gift to something you deeply believe in,” said Dr. Klein. “Saints Together will provide us with an Upper School that is beautiful and usable all the way around, both indoors and out.” 

Reflecting on the school’s previous groundbreakings during her near four-decade tenure, Dr. Klein said that each one has been an improvement to what was in place before. “I remember when we broke ground for MacKinnon Hall at St. Agnes in 1987. We all felt a bit nostalgic since MacKinnon was built on the site of the beloved ‘Little Red Schoolhouse,’ where boys and girls had attended kindergarten. The new MacKinnon building allowed us to enhance our program exponentially. In the 1990s, we refurbished the former Ascension Academy on Braddock Road into what is now our dynamic Middle School. In 1996, the addition that created the attractive facade to today’s Upper School was completed. And in 2003, the Chapel and Performing Arts Center made a huge difference to both our chapel services and to our theater, orchestra, and choral performances.”

Saints Together is intent to match the bricks and mortar to the quality of the teaching within the classrooms. “Each capital improvement has taken our facilities to a new level. This campaign is so inspiring because it builds upon many of the things that make our school so special, including the relationships between our students and our teachers. People make lifelong friendships here,” said Dr. Klein.

With a passion for her craft, Dr. Klein relishes the opportunity to shape her coursework to each class. “Every class is different. Coursework must pertain to the students—they need to learn to see themselves in the literature, no matter what it is,” she said. “St. Stephen’s and St. Agnes School supports its faculty immensely and provides us with the opportunity to incorporate our passion areas into our classrooms.”

Furthermore, with a guiding principle of being grounded in our past and looking ahead, Saints Together will build upon the legacies that have laid the foundation for where we are today. “I am glad to see the school keep moving ahead,” said Dr. Klein.

“As the years have gone on and we’ve lost faculty who were dear to me, I find that I am making gifts in memory of them.” Of those she noted were Mrs. Hilda Burcher, Librarian 1975-95; Mrs. Baird Bell, Chemistry teacher 1984-2001; Mrs. Carol Raney, English teacher 1981-98; Mrs. Paula Jones, Latin teacher 1969-2000; and Miss Sandy Myers, History teacher 1969-96. 

This year, Dr. Klein and several of her colleagues are teaching from the modular Learning Cottages during the construction of the reimagined Upper School. As the construction timeline remains on track to open the doors in Fall 2024, the new Upper School classrooms and signature spaces will be transformational in how Saints discover, connect, and thrive. “Our new facilities will enhance teaching and learning, plus create spaces where we can enjoy each other’s company and create new school traditions. I can hardly wait!” said Dr. Klein.

More information about the Reimagined Upper School and the new spaces can be found on the Upper School Project website

Saints Together is a bold initiative to deliver on the promise of our strategic plan and focus on what sets St. Stephen's and St. Agnes apart:


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Together we will ensure limitless opportunities for our students through world-class teaching, facilities, and programming...
all nurtured through our Episcopal identity.

Our Campaign Pillars 

Spaces to Grow

SSSAS prides itself on our ability to develop unique student experiences that closely reflect the intricate links between teaching, learning, and real-world dynamics. How we learn shapes who we become and the spaces that we inhabit shape how we learn. With that thought in mind, our Reimagined Upper School will provide:

  1. A new Student Commons at the heart of the Upper School, a signature feature, allowing for increased collaboration and community interaction.
  2. State-of-the-art space for science and arts as well as general-use classrooms and meeting spaces adjacent to the Student Commons. 
  3. A modern Dining Hall and Terrace where students can gather in a welcoming space, share a meal, and connect about the day. The Terrace will provide an ideal spot for daily outdoor dining and host community celebrations.

Learn more about the Reimagined Upper School project! 

Contact us at [email protected] to find out how you can support the Upper School project. 

Strengthening Financial Sustainability


The Saints Fund is critical to the success of our school - and central to the Saints Together campaign. While its impact is immediate, The Saints Fund is also foundational to our forward-thinking financial stewardship and helps reinforce the pillars of our strategic plan. It represents the opportunity for every member of the Saints community - parents, alumni, grandparents, faculty, staff, and friends - to play a role in the future of St. Stephen's and St. Agnes School.

For more information, please visit The Saints Fund or to support this pillar, please visit our giving page.  

Expanding Fellowship 

Part of the benefit of a Saints education is to be immersed in a wide range of perspectives, experiences, and talents. Saints Together will build our endowment directed at increasing financial assistance to ensure socioeconomic diversity within our enrollment. 

If interested in making a gift to this pillar please contact [email protected]

Saints Together is our most ambitious campaign in school history.

Campaign Leadership

Meghan Hendy (P '25, '28, '30), Vice-Chair for Current Parents
Peter Keefe (P '14, '16, '20), Vice-Chair for Parents of Alumni
Donnie Wintermute '65, Vice-Chair for Alumni
Kirsten Adams, Head of School
Bob Weiman, Associate Head of School
Rachel Shah, Chief Advancement Officer
Suzanne Brock (P '02, GP '22)
Reginald Brown (P '18, '26)
Amy Curtis '80 (P '13)
Greg Desautels (P '25, '26)
Jo Felsenthal (P '20,' 22, '24)
Phil Herget III (P '07, '08, '10, '17)
The Very Reverend Ian S. Markham (P '14)
Catie Meyer '86 (P '15, '21) 
Clay Perfall (P '10, '19, '22)
Jennifer Poersch (P '25, '28)
John Repetti '81 (P '16, '19)
Col. Freeman Jones, USA (Ret.) (P '16)
Rob Wadsworth '78

SSSAS Representatives
Beth Chase, Chief Financial Officer
Terence Joseph '15, Campaign Manager
Kara Mays, Campaign Communications and Development Writer
Christina McNamee, Senior Director of Advancement Services
Ashley Stone, Director of Campaign and Major Giving
Jennie Wills, Executive Director of Advancement